Communication of science and clinical studies is difficult, particularly when engaging with the general public. Scientific methods and concepts are complex and highly specialised, making the presentation of this information to a lay audience particularly problematic. This is a serious situation when clinical patients are involved and where the clear communication of diagnostic methods, treatment regimes and routes to recovery are essential.

On this regard, we have created a visual and modular patient information sheet (PIS) for generic PET/MRI studies. Typically, information sheets are long, wordy and complex, with no visual elements that could facilitate their understanding. Instead, the graphical and simplified appearance of the information sheet better communicates the research and allow patients to make a more informed decision. The information sheet has been built with a modular structure, where each module represents a specific step of the study. The modular structure will allow the information sheet to easily be readapted for different clinical studies, by simply removing/including specific modules related to the study of interest.

As representative showcase, we have created the illustrative PIS for the study titled ‘’Identifying Neuroimaging Markers of Bipolar Depression”.

This work has been done in collaboration with Dr. Gill Brown, a professional graphic designer ( ) who has designed and realized all the graphical illustrations for this project.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about the project and if you are interested to use the illustrations for your own study!

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